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Our Art. Sensational Wedding Day Couples Photos by Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 27


For our latest blog post we are we are looking at how we shoot Couples Photos on your wedding day.




Due to Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Photographer being known for our natural style, a question we regularly get asked is do we shoot traditional couples photos on a wedding day.

The answer to this is both Yes and No!

Do we shoot Couples Photos? Hell Yeah!

Are they traditional ? Good Lord No!

We have always been very firm believers that all couples are individual, which in turn means that every wedding is individual.

Now we know that a lot of wedding photographers follow a "script" on a wedding day and if this works for them and their couples this is cool, it is just not for us.

We want your creative portraits to be a little more dynamic and not just look like another version of last weeks couples photos.

Our approach to shooting your stunning Wedding Day Portraits relaxed and very much "in the moment".

Give us 20 minutes and you bring your personalities and let us work our magic for you.

Always different, always individual and always about you.

Here are a few examples of our work and the story behind how the images were captured.

We hope this gives you a little insight into how we shoot our award winning portraits.

Next Level Creativity.

Below is a multi award winning portait captured during Jodie and Andrew's stunning wedding at Hackthorn Estate in Lincolnshire.

Jodi and Andrew wanted us to shoot something really creative for them and earlier in the day we went for a lovely wander with them and shot some magical portraits.

Then in the evening, we noticed the sun was setting behind the camper van they used for the day so we grabbed a couple of smoke bombs, popped them behind each from wheel and set them off facing outwards to create a magical plume of smoke that was highlighted by the soft golden light.

Shooting on instinct like this rather then planning gives us such a buzz, and also provides our couples with an adrenaline rush of excitement for the finished result.


A Natural Beauty!

This next photograph is another of our favourites. This time taken at Chi and Chin's Wedding at Ashridge House in Hertfordshire near London.

Although just as stunning as the last image, this portrait of Chi and Cin was captured very differently.

As you can see these guys wedding guests are in the foreground of the photograph giving you a clue that is was actually taken during the ceremony.

Whilst shooting the ceremony from the back of the hall I had alligned myeslf perfectly central for this exquisite composition with a 20mm wide angle lens hoping they would come together at some point and kiss or touch heads.

They duly delivered at the end of the ceremony and happily I was ready for them and the couple absolutely love the result.

This image highlights the fact a couples photos can be taken in a completely natural scenario during a wedding day.


Natural Light!

Next up we have 3 images, all taken at Marleen and Lewis's beautiful Stubton Hall Wedding.

Here we wanted to highlight 3 images all taken in a few beautiful moments during Marleen and Lewis's Wedding day.

All taken in the same place, just shot differently but using the same small spot of of dramatic window light we had on the day.

Our style of photography has always been very bold and dynamic, so highlighting a couple using the natural light available and exposing for the highlights will create a drama filled image. Enabling the couple to pop out of the dark background.

Marleen and Lewis were delighted with the results.


The Sky Is The Limit!

This stuning image was captured using a drone at Zoe and Luke's Wedding at the beautiful Hodsock Priory.

As well as capturing portraits with our hand held cameras, the introduction of drone photography on a wedding day lets us take our creativity to the skies.

Using the long shadows created by the limited hours of sunshine, this photograph although looking like it was taken on a warm day was actaully captured on a cold late November day.

While shooting drone footage during the drinks reception we noticed the long shadows the late autumn light was making and excitedly checked in with our bride and groom.

Sensing our excitement about what we could create we arrived at a patch of light which made for a stunning composition.

This really was a right place at the right time image as the bright sun creating the sahows only lasted for a minute or so highliting the fact a little luck is required along with a creative mind.


The Dark Side!

Two of our favourite portraits of 2023 were taken using a black mirror effet created by a turned off mobile phone screen. Super sexy maybe not, but the results are incredible.

The first being from Rosie and Lyle's Wedding at Middleton Lodge Estate and the second during Caroline and Richards Wedding at Rudding Park.

Always looking to shoot something different to the "standard" stair shots that couples request, these two images although very different in their final look were taken using the same method.

Both couples had asked if they could have a photograph on the stairs as they had "seen photographers take them before".

Of course we were more than happy to accommodate their wishes but touching on what we mentioned at the beginning of this blog we don't follow a script or like to shoot something similar to what previous photographers have done.

So with an eye for a creative composition and a mobile phone screen held just under the lens acting as a mirror, we captured these two strikingly dramatic portraits.

Both were winners of World Wedding Photography Awards.


The Golden Hour!

Yeah Yeah, we had to do it didn't we. Of course we did.

Our golden hour portraits are some of our most images portraits and the photograph we get asked for the most on a wedding day.

Sinead and Jake at Hirst Priory

Melissa and Woody at Riverlands

Zoe and Mike at Elsham Hall

Sarah and Mark at Doddington Hall

Megan and Jamie also at Doddington Hall

Kate and Charlie at Abbey Farm

Samantha and Gary at New Craven Hall

Rosie and Lyle at Middleton Lodge

Our sunset portraits are our most requested photograph and also make up many of our most iconic images.

Lets get this out of the way! Yes we love The Golden Hour!

We are total suckers for the soft shimmering window of light it brings and if you are lucky enough to have one on your wedding day it can create THE most dreamy of looks.

Sunset portraits are all about the light, and you of course.

Also about having the skill to control a camera when shooting directly into a bright golden ball of sun.

In the UK sunsets are not always guaranteed due to the nature of our weather so there is often a great exctiement when playing Russian Roulette with the light and allowing it to get low enough but not too low as to lose it.

If we could have five minutes of light like this on every wedding we would be very happy photographers indeed.


The Drama of Monochrome!

Rather then taking away colour, we see Black and White portraits as adding a certain drama to an image.

Zoe and Aaron at Riverlands

Marleen and Lewis at Stubton Hall

David and Alex at The Pumping House

Keeley and Danny on Canal Street in Manchester

Removing colour simplifies the composition, allowing you to focus more on the subject matter and emotional content of the photograph.

This reduction can intensify the impact of the image, making it more dramatic.

Without the distraction of colour, black and white portraits convey mood and atmosphere more effectively.

Shadows and highlights become more pronounced, allowing us to enhance the emotional impact of the image.




In summary, Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding photographers have no predefined way or science behind the way we shoot your portraits on a wedding day.

Like our documentary photography our couples photos as driven by you guys and reflect the individuality of your wdding day.

Here are a selection of our favourite couples photos from the last few years;

Been and Jason at Little Wold Vineyard

Toni and Quint at The Chimney House

Erin and Dan at The Priests House

Becky and Sam at Hazel Gap Barn

Kate and Mike at Elsham Hall

Jodie and Andrew at Hackthorn Estate

Chi and Chin at Ashridge House

Rhia and Max at Bardney Hall

Beth and Alex at The Manor Rooms

Olivia and Tom at Ash Farm Barns

Emma and Harry at Home

Julie and Felix at Scrivelsby Walled Garden

Lauren and Max at The Beverley Barn

Erin and Dan at The Priests House

Jodie and Andrew at Hackthorn Estate

Angela and Patrick at Owen House

Toni and Quint at The Chimney House

Ellie and Seth at Allington Manor

Jemma and Amy at Little Wold Vineyard

Charlotte and Alex at Riverlands

Rani and Marcel at Caswell House

James and Steven at Birdsall House

Alex and Josh at The Normans

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