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Becky & Honson: Voewood Wedding Photography, Voewood Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 10



The Voewood Massive

Kazooieloki Norfolk Wedding Photographer were super lucky and enormously proud to be Becky and Honson's Voewood Wedding Photographer.

Planning a wedding is never the easiest job in the world, and planning a wedding from the other side of the world is a logistical nightmare but these two love birds managed to do that with some style.

Living in Hong Kong and planning their wedding at the sensational Voewood in Becky's home county of Norfolk was these guys task and we met them several times on their journey to chat things through with them and talk about their ideas and dreams for their wedding day, needless to say we were very excited about their wedding day.

Built in the early 1900's Voewood is an outstanding expample of the arts and crafts movement of the time.

Cool and charismatic, elegant with an eccentric twist, Voewood’s relaxed vibe loves the crowd but never follows it.

Historic style meets modern romance, welcoming groovy grooms, offbeat brides and left-field lovers.

There are 11 acres of woodland and gorgeous gardens that provide a stunning backdrop for a wedding and are a dream for wedding photographers.

Sparklers Smoke Bombs and Smiles

Back to the wedding and these guys had promised us fun laughter and smiles and boy did they deliver.

Dressed to the nines in black Tuxedo's the boys had a bit of swagger about them that was so infectious and the girls added a certain touch of elegance that was so appealing.

The ceremony on a sun baked day was truly memorable outside on the lawn set the pattern for a turly memorable wedding day that will live long in our memories.

Kazooieloki Norfolk Wedding Photographer cannot wait to return to this glorious venue.


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