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Newly Engaged during the Festive Season? Book your wedding photography with us!

Congratulations! You found a ring under the tree and you said YESSSSSS!

Now the fun begins.

Although most weddings take place during the warmer months, the most common time to get engaged is actually during the festive season.

In fact, according to a recent study almost a third of UK men will choose Christmas as the time to propose to their loved one.

Quite an incredible fact!

In our latest Blog Post we will explore some reasons for this and also help to explain why booking your wedding photography early is such an important part of your journey.

First of all, a huge congratulations from us. There really is something extra magical about a Christmas Proposal.

At this special time of the year countless engagement rings get hidden with the other presents underneath the tree in a special gesture of love.

Christmas, and the festive season in general is a time associated with warmth, love, and togetherness.

The festive decorations, twinkling lights, and cozy ambiance create a romantic atmosphere that can enhance the special moment of a proposal.

Surrounded by loved ones.

As people gather with their family and friends during the Christmas season, proposing in the presence of loved ones can make the moment even more memorable and meaningful.

Christmas is also a time of giving and sharing, and a marriage proposal during this season can be seen as a symbolic gesture of giving one's heart and sharing a commitment to a lifelong partnership.

Whatever the reason, quite obviously there is an extra outpouring of love and emotion over the festive season and we absolutely love it.

So congratulations, you now have a shiny ring on your finger and the planning starts for real.

After the initial excitement and joy, there are several steps to consider as you begin planning for your future together.

Booking your photographer early is one essential step as trusting someone to capture your lifeline memories is such an important decision.

A little bit about us.

Photographing weddings is such an honour.

Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer are the 2023 Wedisson World Wedding Photographer of The Year and Two Time UK Wedding Photographer of The Year.

Our aim has always been to tell a story of your wedding day through natural photographs rather than ones that have been staged and posed by your photographer.

We believe that your wedding photography should be as individual as you are and capture every moment in its amazing honesty, it should be natural, relaxed and most of all it should be fun.

Our aim is to give life, energy and a dynamic look to your memories so when you receive your final photography it will be a true reflection of what actually happened on your wedding day.

Your wedding marks the beginning of a new chapter in your lives and being chosen to capture these special moments is a responsibility that we undertake with great pride.

As a photographer, we have the opportunity to capture these moments and turn them into memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Style.

We try not to pigeon hole ourselves in one of the main wedding photography categories as our style is very "our own" and we will shoot your wedding Kazooieloki Style.

But if you were looking to best describe how we approach a wedding day it would be a natural documentary photojournalistic approach with the obvious editorial artistic look to our couples portraits.

Documentary/photojournalistic wedding photography is a style of photography that focuses on capturing the real, raw moments of your wedding day without staging or directing.

We capture candid moments and give you a truly honest look at your wedding day through our lenses, whilst also shooting superb artistic editorial couples photos.

We speak to so many couples, not only ours but also guests on a wedding day who totally love our fun natural approach and how we work.

The amount of times we hear "we were at so and so's wedding and we didn't see the bride and groom for hours as they were off with the photographer" or "everyone was getting bored and frustrated as we had to do countless posed photos".

This is just not our style and if you are looking for that more traditional feel for your wedding day, then we are not the wedding photographers for you.

But if you are wanting dynamic, moment driven photography that is full of life and energy and reflects a true story of your wedding day then we just may be what you are looking for!

On a personal note we were beyond thrilled to announce that our business achieved the exceptional milestone of winning Wedisson World Wedding Photographer Of The Year for 2023.

This award not only placed us at the forefront of the local photography scene but has also garnered attention globally.

We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and representing our craft on an international scale.

Why you should book your wedding photographer as early as possible.


Reputable wedding photographers will get booked months or even years in advance. If you have a specific photographer in mind whose work you admire, securing their services early ensures they are available on your wedding day.

Avoid Disappointments:

If you delay booking your photographer, there's a risk that your preferred choices may become unavailable. Wedding dates can fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons, so it's wise to secure your photographer early to avoid disappointment.

Building a relationship:

Building a rapport with your photographer is extremely beneficial, this is the person you are entrusting to capture your memories.

Early booking allows you to establish this relationship, discuss your preferences, and ensure that the photographer understands your vision for the wedding day.

Your budget constraints:

Knowing the cost of your photographer early in the planning process helps with budgeting. It allows you to allocate funds appropriately and avoid surprises later on.

Peace of mind:

Securing your photographer early provides peace of mind and reduces the stress associated with last-minute decisions. Knowing that a key element of your wedding is confirmed allows you to focus on other aspects of the planning process.

In Summary:

Your photographer will play a crucial role in capturing the special moments of your wedding day.

By booking early, you can work closely with your photographer in planning the shots you want, discussing the schedule, and coordinating with other vendors.

We would be honoured to share your wedding day with you.

So you have checked out our work and love our natural style, our creative couples photos and the life and energy in all our images. Please check out our portfolio for more images here: PORTFOLIO

If you would like more information or just want to chat things through with us, we are always happy to help in any way we can. Please drop by our contact page here: CONTACT


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