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The Golden Hour: Sunset Wedding Photography by Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 27


OUR Art Is Noticing YOU!

As all of our followers surley know by now, Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Photographer LOVE the golden hour.

Our golden hour portraits are some of our most iconic images and the photograph we get asked for the most on a wedding day.

If you are lucky enough on your wedding day to have a sunset. A fleeting moment when the sky transforms into a breathtaking masterpiece, painting hues of gold, pink, and orange. We will take you for a wander for a few momets as the sun dips below the horizon, casting its final rays of light upon the world.

That magical time when the sunlight is at its softest and the landscape turns a shimmering golden tone is oh so romantic to behold.

Sinead and Jake at Hirst Priory

The golden hour offers ourselves as wedding photographers such ideal lighting conditions for capturing our iconic, romantic couples photos.

The light during golden hour is typically low in intensity, creating long shadows, warm tones, and a soft, flattering glow which can enhance the beauty of any wedding venue and its surrounding landscape.

Shooting Golden Hour portraits on a wedding day is actually super exciting for us.

Its that moment of "will it happen" or "how spectacular will it be" that keeps us guessing right until that time when it appears.

Megan and Jamie at Doddington Hall

If you are lucky enough to have a forecast with a guaranteed sunset, we will often prioritise shooting at this time of the day because of the magical quality it adds to our images.

The soft, golden light make a couple look radiant, and it can create a dreamy, romantic ambiance for your special day.

Woody and Melissa at Riverlands

Additionally, shooting during golden hour can minimise harsh shadows and highlights, resulting in a more evenly exposed and visually appealing photograph.

Zoe and Luke at Hodsock Priory

Just like every wedding... every sunset is different, and this is why the golden hour is such an exciting time for us.

We use various techniques such as backlighting, silhouetting, drone images and positioning a couple against the golden light to create stunning, memorable images that evoke the romance and beauty of your wedding day.

Rosie and Lyle at Middleton Lodge Estate


Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer are the 2023 Wedisson World Wedding Photographer of The Year and Two Time UK Wedding Photographer of The Year.

Our aim has always been to tell a story of your wedding day through natural photographs rather than ones that have been staged and posed by your photographer.

We believe that your wedding photography should be as individual as you are and capture every moment in its amazing honesty, it should be natural, relaxed and most of all it should be fun.

Even when shooting our stunning golden hour portraits, the emphasis is always on bringing out the natural love between the couple.

We want your images to reflect who you are and the love that you share.

Here are a selection of our favourite golden hour wedding photos.

Jodie and Andrew at Hackthorn Estate

Zoe and Mike at Elsham Hall

Samantha and Gary at New Craven Hall

Julie and Felix at Scrivelsby Walled Garden

Jemma and Amy at Little Wold Vineyard

Erin and Dan at The Priests House

Rhia and Max at Bardney Hall

Charlie and Kate at Abbey Farm

Cherylee and Stuart at Granary Farm

Sarah and Mark at Doddington Hall

Fay and Tom at Little Wold Vineyard

Emily and Andrew at Swinton Park

Jodie and Andrew at Hackthorn Estate

Jess and Rob at Riverlands

Lavinia and Tony at Hemswell Court

2023 Wedission World Wedding Photographer Of The Year

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

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