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Reasons to book an Engagement Shoot by Kazooieloki Photography


Thinking of booking an engagement shoot, but not quite sure.

There are so many benefits to having an engagement shoot, here are a few of the main reasons Kazooieloki Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer think you should book one in.

Firstly, of course you get some amazing photos.

Most photographs you guys will have of yourselves are either selfies or taken on some friends phone.

Having some amazing memories professionally captured with your soulmate  on the lead up to your wedding is priceless.

Breaking the Ice between us.

Your Engagement Shoot is a great way for both parties to break the ice and get to know each other before your wedding day so you dont get the awkward "Hi we are your wedding photographers" moment on your wedding morning.

Obviously the more time you spend with someone, the more you will get to know them which in turn makes everyone feel so much more comfortable.

Building that connection and hearing about your stories gives us an insight into who you are as people, what makes you tick, and what your hopes and dreams are. This connection makes you guys so much more relaxed with us which in turn makes you more comfortable in front of the camera when your big day arrives.

It also helps US see how YOU photograph best.

Most of our couples are not professional models, they haven't spent time in front of the camera. So to spend some time with you guys and see how you naturally interact with each other is priceless to us.

It's so not scary.

If we had a pound for every time someone said to us "well that wasn't as bad as we expected" we would have about fifty quid, haha seriously this is priceless and again as the point mentioned about breaking the ice and you guys feeling comfortable is so important to us.

Enagement shoots are fun, and like on your wedding day the photographs will be full of smiles, laughter and emotion.

To round up.

A lot of these points all head in the same direction, and highlight the way we shoot. Its all about natural interaction and you guys feeling comfortable with us.

We love people, we love weddings and we love creating memories.

Natural, heartfelt emotions on the biggest day of your lives, and telling the story of your wedding in all its honesty.

Pre Wedding/Engagement Shoots are a lot of fun, a great ice breaker, and you guys get some cracking memories.

Some examples.

Great memories from recent shoots with our couples.

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