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Wedding Sparklers by Kazooieloki Photography

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One of the shots we regularly get asked for is “The Sparkler Shot”.

Obviously Sparkler Photos on your wedding day can be a bit of a showstopper, but most people don’t realise to achieve this needs planning and cooperation. As wedding photographers the biggest hurdle we tend to encounter is that Sparkler Photos are taken in the dark, now "The Dark" is not the problem we love to show off our ability to capture wonderful creative nighttime wedding photography, the problem lies in the timing especially in the summer months.

Night doesn’t fall until around 10pm during the summer months and by that time at most weddings a lot of the guests have had one or two shandy’s too many and organising the sparkler shot can become a little difficult. If you are wanting sparkler photography on your wedding day here are out top tips to achieve Epic Wedding Sparkler Photography. Plan Ahead: Ensure you have an idea of who you want in your sparkler photos, and also how many people you might need.

This may sound silly but also ensure you have something to light them with, we have had it dropped on us in the past at the last minute that sparkler shots were a last minute decision, finding enough lighters to get them all lit at the same time can prove a little tricky. Know the style of shot you want: Again a little planning goes a long way. The better idea you have on how you want your sparkler shots to look the better.

We have two ways of shooting, we treat it similar to shooting Epic Confetti shots by either doing a walkthrough or a line up.

But most importantly know how you guys want to look in the photo, then relax and enjoy yourselves and let us do the rest.

Here are a few of our favourite Sparkler Photos from the last year. All photography by Kazooieloki Photography: Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer, Hull Wedding Photographer.

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