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Kazooieloki: TWIA Regional Finalists 2018

Kazooieloki Photography Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer, Hull Wedding Photographer : TWIA Regional Finalists 2018

Well what a night we had, to say we are full of pride is the absolute understatement of ever. In our first year of entering we made the TWIA Regional Finalists 2018, yes the finals of the Wedding Industry Awards for Best Photographer 2018. What is extra special about TWIA is that is is voted for by our couples, yes that's you guys, the ones we have shared the love, the laughs, the smiles and the tears with in an incredible rollercoaster emotion filled year.

To be finalists at such a prestigious award ceremony, and to be in the presence of some of the best photographers in the UK makes us feel incredibly lucky.

It also makes us burst with absolute pride that our Bride and Grooms have felt strongly enough to vote for us, and to make us feel that we belong in such exalted company. When we started out on our wedding photography journey a few years ago, we fell into the common mistakes most fledgling companies do. By trying to emulate other styles and to look like the best photographers around instead of shooting our own style and getting known for being the best version of "us" that we can be.

Over the last couple of years we have evolved and grown into our style strongly and we feel like our identity is pretty much complete.

We want a couple be able to pick out a "kazooieloki" photograph from a hundred others. Our strong belief is that it is all about the love and smiles, and the interaction between two people in love.

We hope by reaching the regional finals of TWIA2018 we are a step closer to achieving our goals and cementing our place at the top of this wonderful business.

We are here and its where we plan on staying. To every Bride and Groom, we absolutely love each and every one of you and thank you for supporting us through such an amazing year, you all make us feel truly loved and if we could kiss every last one of you we would.

Its always been about the smiles, and it always will be. Richard and Christine. xxx

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